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Cleaning & Preserving your wedding gown!

Your wedding day has happened and you had the most amazing time celebrating with your family and friends! Now it's time to take care of all the loose ends. Getting your photo selections for your album, sending thank you cards and finally figuring out what to do with your wedding dress are on your list! These might be less fun but still really important things to take care of.

You might be unsure what you are going to do with your gown long-term. Do you want to pass it down to your daughter or granddaughter? Donate or sell it? Maybe you want to keep it for yourself because you are sentimental and you did marry your sweetie in it?

No matter what you want to do with it, you should definitely have your gown cleaned and preserved.

So how does it work?

Chantilly Place works with a company that specializes in professionally cleaning and preserving your wedding gown. They use a state of the art cleaning system different from a standard dry cleaning process. It is a process that is designed for delicate materials found in bridal gowns, like silk, satin and lace. It is a completely organic and more effective at removing deep set stains. The special process removes stains, renews fabrics, and protect your wedding dress for decades, and even centuries, to come.

You will drop your dress and accessories (like a veil, shawl, handkerchief) at the shop. We will careful un-bustle your dress and package it up to be sent for cleaning and preservation. We will notify you when your dress has been delivered and schedule a time for you to come pick it up.

After the cleaning and preserving process your gown is carefully packaged in a preservation box that is constructed from PH neutral, acid-free, cardboard coated in a special UV-resistant sealant. The viewing window on the preservation box is also UV resistant to allow for safe viewing as you share your memory with your current and future loved ones.

We recommend you store your newly preserved gown in a location in your home that has moderate temperatures. Areas of your home such as your garage, basement, or attic are not often the best choice due to the temperature fluctuations. It is also recommended you store your preserved gown out of direct sunlight. Most brides choose to store their preserved gown under the bed in their master bedroom or in a spare bedroom.

Dropping off your gown for preservation!

We can’t wait to help you clean and preserve your wedding gown!

Reach out today via email ( or a phone (978-446-0700) to schedule an appointment to drop off your wedding gowns and accessories at Chantilly Place Bridal Boutique.

Bridal gowns do not have to have been purchased from Chantilly Place.

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