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V I P  B R I D A L  A P P O I N T M E N T S

Looking for a special bridal shopping experience? For a small fee you can schedule your appointment on a Sunday, and have the entire shop for all to you and your guests. During this appointment feel free to bring small hor d'oeuvres and champagne for your party to enjoy. VIP Bridal appointments are 1.5 hours long.



V I P  B R I D E S M A I D  B O O K I N G S

Looking for the same special shopping experience for your bridesmaids? For a small fee we are happy to offer appointments on Sundays for you & your bridal party to have the store all to yourself. During this appointment feel free to bring small hor d'oeuvres and champagne for your party to enjoy. VIP Bridesmaid appointments are 2 hours long.


At Chantilly Place we value quality craftsmanship which is why we have a seasoned seamstress who can help ensure your perfect gown is the perfect fit. Alterations are always by appointment and are not included in the price of your gown. We know that every gown is different and every body type has different alteration needs. You only pay for the alterations your gown requires. During your alterations appointment we'll go over what your gown requires to get the perfect fit as well as the cost for those alterations. 

For more information about alterations please refer to our FAQ's page



W E D D I N G  D R E S S  S E R V I C E S

Getting ready for your wedding is a fun and exciting part of the day, but it can also be a stressful time as you try to pull all the details together. During your final fitting we provide each of our brides with dressing instructions. For those who require personal assistance we are happy to have one of our talented staff provide you with day-of wedding dressing service for you. Please call to receive rate information and to schedule the service.


W E D D I N G  G O W N  C L E A N I N G  &  P R E S E R V A T I O N

You've invested in the perfect gown, let us help you preserve it for years to come. Chantilly Place in conjunction with the Wedding Gown Preservation Company offers cleaning and preservation. We pride ourselves in the highest standard of quality and care of bridal gowns in cleaning and preservation. 

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