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Wedding dress 101: all about veils

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Today we're focusing on one learning all about one of the final steps in pulling your wedding day look together. It might seem like a minor detail, but we have found over the years that adding a veil is usually the final piece of the puzzle that makes you feel like a bride.

At almost every bridal appointment at the shop, when you're in a wedding dress you love, adding the veil makes it all seem real. It's usually the point we see tears from our brides and their family and friends.

Let's dive in to learn more about bridal veils and how to complete your wedding day look.

The veil you want to wear might be the part of your wedding day look that you have spent the least amount of time thinking about. You've scoured Pinterest looking at wedding dresses considering the styles you might like and what compliments your wedding venue, but you have you thought about the veil?

Not every bride chooses to wear a veil on their wedding day, but if you are thinking about it, keep reading to learn about the different styles of veils so you can be ready for your appointment.

Different wedding veil lengths!

Veils come in a variety of standard lengths and if you aren't familiar it might be confusing. We find the most popular lengths for our brides are the fingertip length and the cathedral length. Though we are finding brides recently are also interested in the chapel length.

The image below is a great visual for the different veil length's. The ribbon edge makes it easy to see where each veil hits. Where you place the veil on your head is also going to change how the long the veil is. The image below is just a guide and some veil designers might vary slightly in length.

Placing it lower on the head means it going to hit slightly lower on the body.

1-tier, 2-tier, Blusher?

Besides the length you also need to decide if you want 1 tier or more. Most of our brides prefer the 1-tier style veil (meaning it's just one layer of tulle). If you like the look of a fuller veil then a 2-tier style is going to give you that look.

A 1-tier veil is perfect if you like the look of a veil, but also want to see the details of the back of the dress. It's just 1 layer of tulle so it's pretty transparent and you can still see the details of the wedding dress.

You can also add a blusher to your veil. This is definitely not as common now, but some brides really love the look of a blusher. A blusher can be added to any veil and it's meant to be pulled over the bride's face while she walks down the aisle.

What kind of veil goes with my wedding dress?

It's really up to you and your personal style for what kind of veil you want to wear with your wedding dress. But there are some general tips we suggest for deciding.

Doing a lace veil that matches your lace wedding gown can be stunning. Some designer's actually make veils to exactly match their wedding dress using the same exact lace that is on the dress. If you love lace this is the way to go.

If your dress doesn't have a veil made to match you dress, no worries, wedding veil designer's now make a veils out of a variety of different types of lace. We can help you find a veil that most closely matches and compliments the lace on your wedding dress.

Some brides feel like a lace veil with a lace wedding dress is too much lace. A pencil edge veil (meaning it has just a small sewn edge) is a classic and effortless look. You could also do a beaded edge veil that compliments the beading on your dress.

Have a very simple dress with no beading or lace on it? A gorgeous lace cathedral veil can be the perfect way to add some drama to your wedding day look. If lace isn't your vibe, a simple pencil edge veil or a beaded edge veil can also look stunning.

current Veil Trends

We're seeing brides loving the trend of pearl detailing on everything! We love it on veils as well as shoes and earrings. You don't have to keep the pearl detailings just on the edge of the veil though. The newest trend is pearls scattered throughout the veil and we are obsessed!

Another fun trend in veils is glitter! Instead of a beaded edge you can do a veil that has a beautiful shimmer of glitter throughout the veil. It's a very fun and modern veil trend for the bride who wants to do something a little bit different. We had to capture this glitter veil in a video because it sparkles so pretty in person.

We've also seen the trend of really fun veils with colorful embroidery and embellishments trending on TikTok. We love this one from bespoke bridal designer Madison Chamberlain.

The fun part of getting married now is you can really do whatever you want!

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